Who are we?


The founding members are acoustics experts who bring the magic to the recording studio, and the wow factor to stadium design.

We believe we can pull together and with help across the industries of music, sport, hospitality and engineering to achieve something amazing that helps humanity in its hour of need.

At this moment we aim to bring the stadium into peoples’ homes, reconnect them with performances and bridge the gap with a two way link from sofa to stadium.

We have set up this nonprofit organisation to achieve this alliance to make this happen to help people and businesses restore viable models based on experience. 


 Call to Action

The physical and mental wellbeing of our population is being tested with unprecedented peacetime restrictions on movement and congregation. Balancing the benefits of social & cultural interaction with our responsibility to keep each other safe is suddenly a massive issue.

The ERA initiative will need to gain critical mass support and move swiftly to address this need at a time when so many around the globe are feeling increasingly disconnected and isolated, with the situation worsening hourly.

Join us now if you think you can help with the resources, ingenuity and enthusiasm we need to help each other through this.