Events Revival Alliance

A new ERA in live performance
re-connecting audiences with entertainment safely
virtual two way experience

In these difficult times we are finding safe and sustainable ways to put the audience back into the venues that lie empty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our mission is to tackle isolation with scientific innovation and creativity.

Reconnecting people with entertainment and the venues in which they are held as an augmented reality experience that transports people into the venue and connects them with the performers, whether music or sport. Providing hospitality with the means to re-engage with people to create personalised experience from home.


Love your music, protect your ears!

A World Health Organization’s initiative

Events Revival Alliance are working with the World Health Organization’s initiative on Make Listening Safe to encourage all participants to protect their hearing while enjoying a musical experience.

Learn more about the WHO Make Listening Safe initiative and how to protect your hearing here.

In the unprecedented time of Covid-19 outbreak, learn what basic measures WHO recommends here.


 Call to Action

The physical and mental wellbeing of our population is being tested with unprecedented peacetime restrictions on movement and congregation. Balancing the benefits of social & cultural interaction with our responsibility to keep each other safe is suddenly a massive issue.

The ERA initiative will need to gain critical mass support and move swiftly to address this need at a time when so many around the globe are feeling increasingly disconnected and isolated, with the situation worsening hourly.

Join us now if you think you can help with the resources, ingenuity and enthusiasm we need to help each other through this.